40 Under 40: Bailey Jenkins


“My husband and I finally opened the board game Pandemic. We play the hero level and only win about 15% of the time.”

Rapid Reboot • Co-founder + COO • Lindon • Age 26

Bailey Jenkins has many titles: valedictorian, student body president, homecoming queen, pole vaulter, volleyball player, and summa cum laude graduate from GCU. Now she’s added another to that list: entrepreneur. After working at a pain clinic in college, and being an athlete herself, Jenkins came up with the idea for Rapid Reboot — compression products that help athletes heal. Since then, she and her business partners (including her husband, Robbie), have developed products, traveled the world, set up supply chains and distribution, and expertly (and rapidly) bootstrapped the Reboot.

CHILDHOOD DREAM “I remember organizing our DVD collection and books alphabetically. I would make a ‘checkout’ system for my family as if I was a librarian.”

DREAM MOMENT “Being invited to speak at MWC 2020, the largest mobile conference in the world, in Barcelona, Spain, as part of Google’s keynote address. Unfortunately, the conference, scheduled for late February, was cancelled days before we were to fly out.”

ULTIMATE DREAM “The easiest answer is to be successful. The hardest part is realizing this is probably not the successful part, but a stepping stone to get there.”


QUARANTINE IN A NUTSHELL “A roller coaster.”

QUARANTINE LOWLIGHT “My least favorite thing was Carol Baskin. She did it.”

QUARANTINE TAKEAWAY “It has sparked a global community-minded attitude of supporting each other. I hope we keep the broader mindset that every choice affects so many people.”


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