40 Under 40: Brian Lesser


“Conquer your problems early in the day — don’t push them off. Do the fun things once the heavy lifting is done.”

CIT Electronics • American Fork •  Founder + President • Age 39

Brian Lesser is more than impressive. He’s worked in the tech industry for 17 years as an executive at mid-size and Fortune 500 companies. Seven years ago, he started CIT Electronics, which processes over 75,000 devices monthly, sells in more than 30 international markets and employs more than 100 people. Lesser also has a heart for philanthropy and has been a big supporter of Nurturing Nations, a non-profit that empowers children in Africa through education.

CHILDHOOD DREAM “I never saw myself doing the same thing every day.”

DREAM MOMENT “In 17 years, I’ve only seen two years where growth didn’t occur in the revenue of the business and the capacity to hire more employees. I love growing businesses and seeing the fruit of our collective labors.”

ULTIMATE DREAM “Initially all my goals related to income. Now they’ve shifted to leadership.”


QUARANTINE IN A NUTSHELL “We have a plan, and it changes daily.”

QUARANTINE HIGHLIGHT “Freedom of time and mind.”

QUARANTINE OUTFIT “Stretch-fit slacks.”


QUARANTINE TAKEAWAY “Wearing masks at work means you can’t hear as well, so we’ve all become better listeners. It means we have to be quieter and pause longer. I think we’ve become more respectful of others’ thoughts and messages.”


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