40 Under 40: Brittany Ratelle


“I have a gift for making boring stuff digestible. I’m the Jessica Seinfeld of legal knowledge. I hide veggies in a bit of pop culture and it all goes down smooth!”

Ratelle Law and Creative Contracts Co. • Founder • Utah + Idaho • Age 35

Brittany Ratelle is not like a regular lawyer. She’s a cool lawyer! The J. Reuben Clark Law School grad has geared her boutique law firm toward creative entrepreneurs, influencers, and content creators. This millennial lawyer knows the know-how, she loves the legal lingo, she’s a contract master, and she’s an advocate for female entrepreneurs (and car singing). And if it pleases the court (it does), she also runs a DIY legal template shop, has a podcast called Law & Wit, and her office does NOT have a smelly fish tank. Cool? Cool.

CHILDHOOD DREAM “A writer and an opera singer! I do write (contracts), and my sister is an opera singer — so go figure!”

DREAM MOMENT “Being an expert at Alt Summit Conference.”

ULTIMATE DREAM “I’d love to help hundreds of women grow successful businesses and achieve their audacious dreams.”


QUARANTINE IN A NUTSHELL “All hail Disney Plus.”

QUARANTINE HIGHLIGHT “Harry Potter Movie Marathon and carb loading.”

QUARANTINE LOWLIGHT “The comical illusion of locked home office doors. My kids and I have VASTLY different opinions on what is an ‘emergency’ when I’m on a Zoom call.”

QUARANTINE OUTFIT “Costco leggings and a Stately Type tee (a client of mine!).”

QUARANTINE TAKEAWAY “I hope we don’t take gatherings for granted — especially this extrovert! Also, you can learn just about anything on YouTube.”


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