40 Under 40: Caleb Hicks


“A career is a journey. It evolves. You can move into things that are a perfect mix of your interests.”

Lambda School • President • Lehi • Age 33

Caleb Hicks lives, learns and leads. He’s the president of Lambda, a live, remote school with no up-front tuition for students. Hicks has directed and implemented nearly 100 curriculum iterations to respond to the rapidly changing tech industry. Prior to Lambda, Hicks was a senior manager at Apple where he created the curriculum for the “Everyone Can Code” program. Plus, he’s a key faculty alum at DevMountain and he co-chartered the first Utah Future Business Leaders of America chapter. This teach has got some serious reach.

CHILDHOOD DREAM “A teacher. It runs in the family.”

DREAM MOMENT “Every time a Lambda graduate lands a job.”

ULTIMATE DREAM “Building a sustainable, scalable model of learning that democratizes upward mobility.”



QUARANTINE HIGHLIGHT “Working from home, spending time with family, and going for walks around the fields of Lehi.”

QUARANTINE SNACK “The new chicken skewers from Costco.”

QUARANTINE SURPRISE “How non-disruptive it was to my work. We had already built those muscles to be productive remotely.”

QUARANTINE TAKEAWAY “Helping students learn in-demand skills and land high-paying jobs has only become more important amid the pandemic. I’m excited to see how our permanent remote work policy opens access to new hires from different backgrounds.”


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