40 Under 40: Casey Cloward


“Learn how to delegate. Trust people who want to be successful.”

Raykon Construction • Owner • Salem • Age 39

What a foundation. Casey Cloward is a third generation General Contractor. He learned the trade (and integrity of the trade) from a young age. And after graduating in Construction Management from BYU, he made it official. His company, Raykon Construction, is a prominent player in Utah’s building market. He was the President of the UVHBA in 2018, he has consistently won “Builder of the Year,” “One to Watch,” and “People’s Choice” awards for his work, and he has successfully executed 16 Parade Home entries in nine years. Now that’s a home run.

CHILDHOOD DREAM “Professional baseball player.” (Fun fact: Cloward played catcher for BYU’s baseball team.)

DREAM MOMENT “Starting, building, and branding my company from a foundation I learned from my heritage.”

ULTIMATE DREAM “Leave the legacy of a business with a reputation that is unwavering in the volatile construction industry.”


MASK MOJO Cloward is looking fly in his fly fishing buff.


QUARANTINE LOWLIGHT “Disruption of life.”

QUARANTINE OUTFIT “Fishing waders and vest.”

QUARANTINE SNACKArctic Circle Mint Chocolate Chip Shake.”

QUARANTINE TAKEAWAY “I was getting pulled in too many directions. I wouldn’t have realized it without the pandemic. Also, learning to respect the virus and not shake hands. It was hard. I’m a hugger.”


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