40 Under 40: Colby Bauer


“Walter White and Jesse Pinkman from ‘Breaking Bad’ have been my co-workers during quarantine.”

Thread Wallets • Founder + CEO • Provo • Age 30

Colby Bauer may have become an entrepreneur in high school, but he ain’t kidding around. His wakeboarding-inspired apparel brand, Wakeology, sold successfully in retail. He later developed an app called Pic Play while attending BYU. And now — along with his wife and co-founder McKenzie Bauer — he’s turned Thread Wallets into a (literal) cash powerhouse. The multi-million dollar slim wallet venture ranked as the No. 4 Fastest-Growing Company in the 2019 UV50, and it has adeptly expanded to include a variety of accessories dominating the “carry product” market. Threadit where threadit is due.

CHILDHOOD DREAM “Pro soccer player or the next Tony Hawk.”

DREAM MOMENT “Building a talented team passionate about creating.”

ULTIMATE DREAM “Build a cool, long lasting brand that my daughters will be proud to say, ‘My mom and dad started that.’”


Bauer made a leopard leather mask out of one of Thread Wallets’ most popular patterns.


QUARANTINE HIGHLIGHT “McKenzie and I take turns working. I take the first half of the day, while she watches the girls, then we switch. I love that I can get all my work done by 1 p.m. and then spend the rest of the day with my girls uninterrupted.”

QUARANTINE INSPIRATION “I found it on our office skate ramp.”

QUARANTINE OUTFIT Unashamedly, I wore the same pants every day.”

QUARANTINE TAKEAWAY “Working remotely and unnecessary meetings becoming emails.”


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