40 Under 40: Dan James


“Have a vision — but be willing to course correct when needed.”

Black Diamond Experts • Orem + SLC • Founder + CEO • Age 37

Dan James’ business started with a spark. After spending a summer doing electrical work, he set his sights on a career as an electrician. Then, after the 2008 recession hit, James set his sights on being a self-employed entrepreneur. In 2009, at age 28, he founded Black Diamond Electric. Today? He’s changed the name to Black Diamond Experts and added HVAC, plumbing, and drain cleaning services. Black Diamond is powered by four locations and more than 80 employees.

CHILDHOOD DREAM “Successful and wealthy business owner.”

DREAM MOMENT “Starting Black Diamond with only a high school diploma, four years of electrical school, and learning all facets of a business on my own.”

ULTIMATE DREAM “To build an empire full of amazing managers and employees that allows them to accelerate their careers and maximize their potential.”


MASK MOJO James and his team now don company-branded face masks when they make service calls.


QUARANTINE HIGHLIGHT “The ‘slingshot effect’ that follows the quarantine — the surge that happens when it is over.”

QUARANTINE OUTFIT “I wear the same outfit every day, all day. Black Diamond Polo shirts in various colors and black/grey/blue khakis. NEVER brown or tan.”

QUARANTINE BEVERAGE “An ice tea + Naked Mighty Mango.”

QUARANTINE INSPIRATION “My company banded together for the cause, and we did not have to lose any of them during the process. I’m grateful.”


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