40 Under 40: Daniel Adam Posner


“Empathy is my driving force.”

Big Leap • EVP of Business Development • Lehi • Age 34

Daniel Posner is a marketing maven. After graduating from BYU in advertising/communications, he founded Leadgenix, which he grew from one client to a multi-million dollar business. That business went from leads to leaps when it sold to Big Leap, where Posner and his team have seamlessly joined the ranks of this fast-growing marketing firm that is a 4-time winner of the UV50 and boasts clients like PluralSight and BambooHR.

CHILDHOOD DREAM “Be Derek Jeter and play shortstop for the Yankees.”

DREAM MOMENT “When we were selling Leadgenix, we had an offer for what would have been a life-changing amount of money. However, they only wanted two or three of our top people and would have fired everyone else on our 20-person team. I wasn’t comfortable with that. We passed and instead partnered with Big Leap. It was a smaller sale price, but we were able to keep almost every team member. Money comes and goes. Treating people right lasts forever.”


MASK MOJO Swing for the fences! Posner grew up in the East loving the New York Yankees.

QUARANTINE IN A NUTSHELL “Control what you can control.”

QUARANTINE HIGHLIGHT “The slowed-down pace of life.”

QUARANTINE OUTFIT “My Bass Fishing shirt. Professional enough as a button down, yet it breathes like Egyptian cotton.”

QUARANTINE TAKEAWAY “A strong focus on mental health. Man, is that needed! In my opinion, everyone should go to therapy once a month. We all have things we could work through. It’s   OK to be vulnerable.”


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