40 Under 40: Emily Jackson


“Hesitating does nothing but waste time. It doesn’t make your decisions any less risky.”

IVL Collective • Founder + CEO • Draper + Alpine • Age 31

Emily Jackson is in the fast lane. After graduating in Communications from UVU and becoming a popular lifestyle/fashion influencer (with 374k followers on Instagram), this mother of four decided to blend two loves of her life: fashion and fitness. She created IVL Collective — a premium activewear line designed with meticulous detail. IVL’s growth jump-started right out of the gate, and the fierce fashion brand is winning.

CHILDHOOD DREAM “My dad had me convinced that my height would lead to a career in the WNBA! I also looked up to my two grandmothers who had careers in public relations and teaching.”

DREAM MOMENT “The success of IVL’s first year.”

ULTIMATE DREAM “To create a brand that is unmatched in its mission to combine the most innovative, technical fabrics with unique fashion-forward designs. A brand that will be easily recognized by anyone in any room around the world.”


QUARANTINE IN A NUTSHELL “What day is it today?”

QUARANTINE HIGHLIGHT “Lunch time family bike rides.

QUARANTINE LOWLIGHT “Transforming into a school teacher and helping my kids multiply fractions!”

QUARANTINE SNACK “Popcorn and Diet Coke.”


QUARANTINE TAKEAWAY “Unnecessary meetings are just that — unnecessary!”


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