40 Under 40: John Mayfield


“Focus on the 20 percent that actually drives value.”

Album • General Partner • Lehi • Age 36

John Mayfield’s career album is full of greatest hits. He started in Silicon Valley working on M&A valuations for top software companies such as Oracle, HP, Yahoo, Cisco, and Amazon. Then he moved the show to Utah, where he worked at Qualtrics and pre-IPO Instructure. Currently, Mayfield is a board member at Rocky Mountain Venture Capital Association, as well as a partner at Album, where he is slaying the early-stage venture investing world. And the “hits” just keep coming, with local investments into all-stars like Route, Podium, Divvy, Weave, Homie, and more.

CHILDHOOD DREAM “Professional athlete, of course.”

DREAM MOMENT “I’m most proud of the culture we’ve built at Album and the incredible founders we’ve been fortunate to back.”

ULTIMATE DREAM “To say we helped set dozens of founders on the path to $100M+ revenue companies and changed the trajectory of their businesses.”


QUARANTINE IN A NUTSHELL “The Great Reset — of habits, expectations, priorities.”

QUARANTINE LOWLIGHT “The groundhog day effect.”

QUARANTINE SNACK “Jack Link’s Original Beef Steak.”

QUARANTINE INSPIRATION “The countless stories of our entrepreneurs adapting, inventing new solutions, and winning in this environment.”

QUARANTINE TAKEAWAY “Let’s keep having more open discussions about mental health.”


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