40 Under 40: Kassidi Henrie


“I expand my vision daily. If I can imagine it, I can achieve it.”

Braid Workshop + Prenda • Provo • Co-founder + Financial Controller • Age 30

Kassidi Henrie’s work has been right on the money. She was pursuing her plans to become a financial planner when her husband asked her to join the DevMountain team (he was co-founder). The company was in its early stages, and Henrie went on to be their financial controller and a critical operations leader. She worked with them through DevMountain’s rapid rise and eventual sale to a publicly-traded company. Now? Henrie wants to build businesses for the rest of her days. She is currently on Prenda’s leadership team as their financial controller, as well as the co-founder of Braid Workshop, an impactful community for female entrepreneurs.

CHILDHOOD DREAM “Accountant. I always loved learning about money. I remember thinking how cool it was when my parents received bills, and I couldn’t wait until I was an adult to pay them!”

DREAM MOMENT “Not much beats the feeling of growing a company from nothing. DevMountain’s acquisition is definitely a highlight.”

ULTIMATE DREAM “Keep building businesses that bring positive changes to the world.”


MASK MOJO Henrie’s black velvet mask matches fellow honoree Allison Lew, her partner at Braid Workshop.


QUARANTINE HIGHLIGHT “More time. Going forward, I’m definitely going to be more intentional on what I say ‘yes’ to.”

QUARANTINE SNACK “Diet Dr Pepper with a splash of coconut.”

QUARANTINE TAKEAWAY “I love the focus of camaraderie and feeling like we are all in this together.”


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