40 Under 40: Kevin Joseph Banks


“Marketing is not just making something pretty. It’s equal parts science and art.”

Fifth Water Company + UCCU • Provo • Co-founder + VP of Marketing • Age 39

You can bank on Kevin Banks. Back in his BYU days, he started as a teller at UCCU in 2003. Now he’s the VP of Marketing and has been “money” when it comes to playing a role in UCCU’s growth. When Banks isn’t banking, he’s running Fifth Water Company — a water softener, filtration, and full-service plumbing business.

CHILDHOOD DREAM “I’ve always loved art and science. Marketing is not just making something pretty — it’s equal parts science and art.”

DREAM MOMENT “When I began at UCCU we were a relatively small financial institution. Seventeen years later we reached $2B in assets. Last year, in one year, we grew in capital by $350M, which is the size of the whole credit union when I began in 2003.”

ULTIMATE DREAM “To learn, grow, and be challenged. And to maintain a work-life balance.”


Total baller! Banks is sportin’ and reppin’ the Utah Jazz.

QUARANTINE IN A NUTSHELL “Wow! Those meetings really could have been emails.”

QUARANTINE HIGHLIGHT “Living the simpler life.”

QUARANTINE OUTFIT “A hoodie, because my basement is cold. It’s the only place in my house I could set up an office to mitigate the distractions of home life.”

QUARANTINE TAKEAWAY “There is no return to business as usual. Covid-19 was a societal shift that will affect the way we interact with customers and co-workers, if only during the cold and flu season. Companies will need to digitize their experience. Safety for customers and employees will become a competitive advantage.”


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