40 Under 40: Ryan Teft


“I like to build things. I approach work like my 6-year-old with Legos.”

Brandless • CEO • Age 38

Entrepreneurism is totally on brand for Ryan Treft. He co-founded a toy company called Zoobies (which BusinessQ named its No. 1 UV50 Startup to Watch in 2009). After Zoobies sold in 2012, Treft shifted his focus to ecommerce and helped launch more than a dozen ventures like IFS360 (sold to Rakuten), Coalatree.com, Ikonify, and Peejamas.com. Most recently, he became the CEO of Brandless, which is in the process of re-branding and re-launching for its millions of loyal customers.

CHILDHOOD DREAM “My friend’s mom told me at age 13 I was an entrepreneur. She had to explain the meaning, but I knew that’s what I would be.”

ULTIMATE DREAM “It’s corny, but exactly what I’m doing now.”


MASK MOJO A Brandless-branded mask feels on brand, don’t you think?

QUARANTINE IN A NUTSHELL “No words. Still trying to process.”

QUARANTINE HIGHLIGHT “It’s been good for ecommerce. Ikonifi, Coalatree, and Peejamas are growing rapidly. Bigger than that is the opportunity to buy Brandless.com. I wouldn’t have won the bid in a normal economy.”

QUARANTINE LOWLIGHT “Watching good businesses struggle.”

QUARANTINE SNACK “I live on Muscle Milk, jerky, Built Bars (shout-out to a Utah County company!) and Bang energy drinks.”

QUARANTINE INSPIRATION “I’ve worked harder the last few months than any other point in my life. Hard times will always present unique opportunities. I’ve felt anxiety like anyone else, but it’s best to deal with it by being proactive.”


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