40 Under 40: Stewart Goodwin


“We want to do good work and be good people.”

Goodwin Media • Founder • Highland • Age 39

Stewart Goodwin started Goodwin Media as a side hustle to earn extra money for college — and now every day he’s hustlin’. Goodwin Media is a design and marketing firm that has been the secret ingredient for so many local businesses. It has ranked on UV50’s Fastest-Growing Companies list seven times, and past and present clients include Nena & Co., Sundance, Chatbooks, Adobe, Health Catalyst, and Fawn Design. At least half of its clients have seen 10x growth within three years, and most of its projects see 2-3x growth year-over-year. Goodwin Media has a team of industry experts who live all over the United States, and Goodwin leads them with results and goodness.

CHILDHOOD DREAM “Doctor or architect.”

DREAM MOMENT “Any time a new company calls because they heard we did a good job for someone else.”

ULTIMATE DREAM “To build a business that outlasts me. I’d also like to do more good with the talents our team has for those who are less fortunate.”


MASK MOJO Goodwin’s killer mask was made by one of Goodwin Media’s clients —


QUARANTINE HIGHLIGHT “Playing pickleball and mountain biking with my family.”

QUARANTINE LOWLIGHT “It’s sad when people look at others like walking contagions.”

QUARANTINE SNACK “Mtn Dew Zero Sugar + Sweet Potato Chips.”

QUARANTINE TAKEAWAY “Knowledge share, talent share, and sharing of time to help other people succeed.”


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