40 Under 40: Tiffany Pritchett


“It’s OK not to know everything. You can always find the answer.”

Pritchétt Bridal + Salon Pritchétt • Orem • Owner • Age 24

Here comes the bride boss. Tiffany Pritchett has dreamed about all things bridal and all things beauty since she was a little girl. So after graduating from cosmetology school, she married those two dreams and created Pritchétt Bridal — a wedding gown boutique with a full-service salon inside. Today? Pritchétt is Utah Valley’s premier bridal shop. They work with world-renowned designers, put together a dearly-beloved team, have a bustling salon, and created a growing, million-dollar business with dreamy determination.

CHILDHOOD DREAM “The exact person I am today. Just saying that brings tears to my eyes.”

DREAM MOMENT “That I don’t have go to work every day — I get to do what I love everyday.”

ULTIMATE DREAM “Grow Pritchétt as big as we can. Eventually I’ll open new locations, design a wedding gown line, and never stop creating the next best thing in the wedding industry.”


Her mask is, of course, beautifully bridal, but we’ll let Pritchett’s thumb tell you how she feels about it.

QUARANTINE IN A NUTSHELL “Crazy, overwhelming, exciting (in a weird way?), stressful, relaxing, unknown. But we all did it and we are doing it. We’re resilient.”

QUARANTINE HIGHLIGHT “Spending more time with my husband and 2 perfect little boys.”

QUARANTINE SNACK “My neighbor and I made ‘Better Than Sex Cake’ multiple times. And let me tell you, it was amazing! HA!”

QUARANTINE TAKEAWAY “The strong sense of community with everyone supporting each other and small businesses. I hope that sticks around.”


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