40 Under 40: Zach Sivertson


“Start today and don’t stop until it’s done.”

Prelude Venture Fund at Mercato Partners • Managing Director • Age 32

For Zach Sivertson, it’s everything ventured, everything gained. He’s held positions at Blue Coat Systems (sold to Symantec for $4.6B); WorkFront; and Aplifi (sold to iPipeline). He ran I.T. operations at Sentry West Insurance, and started multiple companies spanning ed tech and consumer communication. He worked at Symantec, where he oversaw a cyber security portfolio deployed in 85%+ of the Fortune Global 2000. And today? He’s a leader at Mercato Partners, where he’s lifting up tomorrow’s giants like Route, Blip, Simplus and Cotopaxi.

CHILDHOOD DREAM “The Ice Cream Man. Who doesn’t want unlimited ice cream?”

DREAM MOMENT “The friends I’ve made along the way. KPIs, profits and accolades pass, but relationships last forever.”

ULTIMATE DREAM “To love my job so much I forget I have one.”



QUARANTINE INSPIRATION “Help our portfolio companies navigate Covid and keep as many people employed as possible. As a firm we took salary cuts in order to deliver meals to people laid off. This motivated me and helped me keep a good perspective.”

QUARANTINE OUTFIT “Fat Man stretchy pants (for clarity, not the tight yoga kind).”

QUARANTINE TAKEAWAY “Innovation. I know innovation isn’t new, but it was certainly spurred by Covid. I saw so many entrepreneurs innovate at a pace I’ve never seen before. When our back is against the wall, humans adapt and thrive.”


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