40 Under 40: Danny Villarreal


“I am naive enough to think I can make a difference and resilient enough not to quit.”

Wink Naturals • Pleasant Grove •  Founder + CEO • Age 37

Danny Villarreal is a natural. After graduating in communications from BYU in 2008, he co-founded Zarbee’s Naturals (vitamins/supplements) and is the founder and CEO of Wink Naturals (skin care/CBD patch/sleep products). Throughout his career, Villarreal has developed and launched dozens of consumer packaged products generating hundreds of millions of dollars in sales both in retail and online.

CHILDHOOD DREAM “Archaeologist. The thought of digging up ancient artifacts was exciting!”

DREAM MOMENT “Making an economic impact in the lives of Wink Naturals Venture Members and creating products that solve pain points for families.”

ULTIMATE DREAM “To create great products, opportunity, relationships, experiences.”


Fun fact: Wink’s alligator emblem was inspired by the alligator canal on a farm in Villareal’s hometown in Washington.


QUARANTINE HIGHLIGHT “Spending more time with my wife and kids. It has helped us assess what is important.”

QUARANTINE SNACK “Peanut butter and banana sandwich.”

QUARANTINE SURPRISE “I spend more time away from my computer having more ideas. I have slowed down, but I have been more efficient with my work. It is quite the odd feeling.”

QUARANTINE TAKEAWAY “It comes down to trust. I trust my employees completely, and they know I would do anything for them. They are autonomous in their work but singular in the purpose and mission. That makes for a great environment — especially during difficult times.”


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