40 Under 40: Jensen Warnock


“When I encounter a problem, I turn into a white board. I map it out and visualize it holistically.”

Alpha Secondary Fund with Mercato Partners • Managing Director • Age 34

Jensen Warnock is a capital captain. After earning a degree in computer science from BYU and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon, he worked as an engineer at National Instruments, as well as doing freelance development work. He then founded Auxano Funding, a revenue-based financing company for early-stage businesses; co-founded UA2; and started the Lumen Group, which invested into more than 30 companies over 5 years. Today, the capital fun(d) continues with the Alpha Secondary Fund at Mercato Partners.

CHILDHOOD DREAM “Inventor or scientist.”

DREAM MOMENT “I take the most personal satisfaction helping entrepreneurs work through difficult problems.”

ULTIMATE DREAM “I want to create value. I want to leave the world better than I found it.”


QUARANTINE IN A NUTSHELL “Optimistically unknown.”

QUARANTINE HIGHLIGHT “Being able to tuck away in my office and work on something without the interruptions that often happen in office settings.”

QUARANTINE SNACK “My wife’s chocolate chip cookies with vanilla bean ice cream. I have no way to resist them.”

QUARANTINE OUTFIT “Black T-shirt and basketball shorts.”

QUARANTINE TAKEAWAY “Being more deliberate about focusing on the people in my life who matter. Slowing down to realize how lucky I am. Finding more ways to pay it forward and share luck with others.”


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