40 Under 40: Sarah Tyau


“If you want something, write it down. Draw it out. Make it visual.”

Sarah Tyau • Provo • Founder • Age 36

Sarah Tyau has been living that DIY life. As a young married mom, she started upcycling old, outdated clothes and posting the vintage chic wardrobe items on her blog. Today? That blog is read by millions of readers monthly, she has nearly 200k followers on Instagram, and Tyau’s been featured in People, CNN, Yahoo, Business Insider and more.

CHILDHOOD DREAM “Fashion designer and a mom. It never changed.”

PROUD MOMENT “A new mom with postpartum depression sent me an email thanking me for my recent post about honest motherhood. She said she had been seriously contemplating suicide the past several weeks, but upon reading my post, she bawled all day long and realized she wanted to stay for her baby.”

ULTIMATE DREAM “Launch a clothing line and use the proceeds to fund orphanages and schools across the world. I want every baby to grow up loved and to know their worth and potential.”



QUARANTINE INSPIRATION “My personal relationship with God. I am driven by my morals and try to live by my favorite scripture, Matthew 6:33: ‘But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.’”

QUARANTINE OUTFIT “Cute loungewear. All day long!”

QUARANTINE SNACK “Trader Joe’s popcorn.”

QUARANTINE TAKEAWAY “Less division and more unity.”


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