40 Under 40: Sydni Sorensen


Lulu and Roo • American Fork • Founder + CEO • Age 35

Sydni Sorensen knows wear it’s at. As a mother, she understood the desire for stylish — but kid-friendly — children’s clothing. So five years ago, she and her business partner set out to design clothes kids could “run, play and nap in.” They founded Lulu and Roo, which is designed and manufactured right here in the U.S. It instantly exploded onto the children’s clothing market — with a loyal customer base to match. Lulu and Roo seeks community input for their designs and has a sleek 284k followers on Instagram.   

CHILDHOOD DREAM “Ballet dancer. I’m still fascinated by it. I’m awe struck with the effortless strength of the performers.”

DREAM MOMENT “When a parent tells me their child chooses Lulu and Roo over other clothing in their closet.”

ULTIMATE DREAM “To center my career on my family. They are my source of inspiration, and they keep me grounded.”


The designers at Lulu and Roo made these masks for Sorensen and her son to showcase at our photo shoot.

QUARANTINE IN A NUTSHELL “A learning experience.”

QUARANTINE HIGHLIGHT “I love how it has brought my family closer together.”

QUARANTINE LOWLIGHT “I’m saddened by how the virus has been a divisive force in our country and how the effects of it have hurt people around the world.”

QUARANTINE SNACK “Iced coffee is my go-to in the mornings.”

QUARANTINE TAKEAWAY “How important it is to be civic-minded. It’s crucial for business owners to lead by example and prioritize the health/safety of our communities.”


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