Local cosmetics company shines a light on empowerment


Shine cosmetics began at a dance competition. Chandler Taylor was doing her daughter’s makeup when she started reading the labels out loud. Taylor realized how many of the titles had sexual connotations. Quality makeup without risqué marketing had to exist, right?

Well, Chandler made sure of it by creating a brand with exactly that mission. She enlisted the help of Erin Richardson and Darcey Wilde to bring the idea to full color. The trio founded a brand focused on glowing up and showing up in all the right ways.

“Most makeup is marketed with the idea that it will make you more sexually appealing or that you need to fix something about yourself,” Wilde says. “We wanted to take the approach of empowering women to enhance their own personal beauty.”

Initially, they thought their brow product would be the frontrunner, but quickly the BB Cream and lip gloss became fan favorites.

“Our BB Cream is popular because it is quick and easy to apply, long lasting, and makes you look great — but not necessarily like you are even wearing makeup,” Wilde says. “People love the lip gloss because it is conditioning, smells like a cupcake, and isn’t sticky, like so many lip glosses are.”

Initially the company started out with a direct sales model, but after seven months, they switched to an affiliate marketing program instead.

“The affiliate program lets people buy with a discount code that gives the affiliate a commission,” she explains. “We also have a bonus structure and an incentive trip program.”

The system helps ambassadors make extra money, and is simple enough to be explained on a one-sheet PDF. Beauty buffs can also buy Shine products directly through the website or at the Orem storefront.

Shine is an avid supporter of local causes. The company has given to a plethora of projects, including donations to essential workers during Covid-19, providing Christmas for 40 single mothers, raising money for couples experiencing infertility, and supporting women in trauma recovery programs.

While the company is only three years old, Shine has 12 employees and will be relocating to a new space in American Fork due to speedy, shiny growth.

Fast Facts

  • 77 percent of customers who buy a tube of BB cream purchase it again.
  • Shine offers BB Cream color matching through direct messaging on Instagram.
  • All Shine products are cruelty-free, gluten-free, paraben-free, transfer-proof and include SPF.
  • Shine’s lip gloss shades are named after power words like Courage, Strive, Reign, and Dedicated.
  • Shine currently offers 16 colors and will have 21 total shades by the end of summer.
  • Influencer collaborations have been a huge shimmer to the brand’s reach. The most popular collaboration to date has been Tara Thueson’s “Goals” lip gloss shade.

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