20 Q’s With Paige Osmond


Paige Osmond (right) danced onto our cover in 2012, and now she’s opening Drybar in Sugar House with her mom, Heather Osmond.

Utah Valley Magazine turns 20 this year! We’re catching up with past cover stories and asking 20 questions. 

What are main memories of playing Clara in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular in 2012? I was the youngest person in the cast. In the show, I start out as a girl in the crowd and lights are shining on me and they pull me up. Then magically, five or six people dress me and pull my hair into a bun. I still get chills thinking about the first show!

What do you remember about being on the cover of Utah Valley Magazine? I remember being interviewed and the whole experience becoming real for me! I had a moment of “wow” during the photo shoot when I put on the tutu.

Do you remember the first time you saw the magazine? I saw it on a table in the front office of Mountain Ridge Junior High where I was a seventh grader, and I was like, “That is me!”

What do you want to say to the girl on the cover? “Don’t give up!” If I had given up after not getting cast in the show the first time, I never would have had the opportunity to do the show when I was 12.

What sticks out to you from the audition process? As I walked into the audition, I didn’t even have a name tag! A friend lent me her audition number, and I remember thinking, “This isn’t going to work!” But I kept making the cuts and landed the role.

How did you keep up with schoolwork at Mountain Ridge? To be honest, most of my homework did not get done. I had to do a lot of catchup work when I came back. But I did have a private tutor and we went on field trips to science museums.

What was the coolest part of being in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular? Working with the Rockettes! I was surrounded by beautiful dancers, and I built friendships with them.

Hardest part? The hardest part was definitely the pressure! The show freezes and all eyes are on me. I needed to fill the room with my energy, and I didn’t want to let the show down.

Where did you dance growing up? I trained at the Dance Club and Center Stage. In high school, I taught at local studios. I also cheered for Lone Peak High School.

What is one of your favorite moments from the show? When I become Clara, Santa covers my eyes and tells me to “Dream big!” And that is one of my favorite phrases. If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.

In the 2012 article, your mom predicted you would be asked a lot of questions because of your last name and because Mitt Romney was the Republican nominee. Was your mom right?  Everyone would ask me, “Are you a Mormon? Tell me about that!” I also got asked a lot about why I don’t drink coffee and how I was related to Donny and Marie (they are my dad’s aunt and uncle).

This summer you became owner/operating partner of the first Drybar in Salt Lake City. How did that come about? My mom and I were in Las Vegas and walked by a Drybar. It smelled amazing! We looked inside and learned they do blowouts — no cuts and colors. We were like, “What the heck is a blowout?” We got our hair done, and then went back the next day. While we were there, we called the corporate headquarters to ask about bringing Drybar to Utah! It took a year and a half, but we’re open now in Sugar House, and we plan to open a second location hopefully in the Traverse Mountain area.

How is entrepreneurism so far? I watched my parents build businesses, but I still didn’t expect it to be so difficult! I have more respect for all business owners.

Favorite restaurant Milagros in Orem.

Favorite dates Anything that involves new foods and adventure.

Favorite sound Blow dryers.

Favorite smell Vanilla or pumpkin scent.

Car routine driving from Provo to Salt Lake I’m an Osmond, so it’s always music! All kinds of music.

Advice for girls starting high school My mom says, “Confidence is key. Regardless of the situation you are in, if you believe you’ve got swag, so will everybody else.”

Future plans? Trying out for the Rockettes again, expanding Drybar, getting married and starting a family.


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