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Courtney Anderson has always been fiercely independent and a passionate entrepreneur. Even at 4 years old, she recognized her passion for the beauty industry as she assured her mom that she would be “Miss. America, of course!”

With that passion, Courtney became Miss Alpine, an accomplished pianist, a graduate of BYU, wife to Nicholas Anderson, mother to Sofia, founder and CEO of the five gorgeous Spa Trouvé locations, podcast host, and mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs.

In 2011, Courtney discovered her destiny in the industry that combines the beauty and medical worlds and opened the first Spa Trouvé location. Nine years later, she’s elevated the Spa Trouvé brand to the “Nordstrom of medical spas” and is set to open a fifth location late 2020.

In addition to laser hair removal, Botox, CoolSculpting, and medical grade skincare treatments and products, this year Spa Trouvé has added vaginal rejuvenation, Profound skin tightening treatments, CoolTone and HydroJelly masks to the menu.

“We are constantly trying to stay on the cutting edge and offer result-driven treatments designed to help you ‘love the skin you’re in’ and boost your inner confidence!” Courtney says.

The secret to Courtney’s success can be organized into seven life practices:

  1. She helps others love the skin they are in.
  2. She inspires others to live up to their truest potential.
  3. She practices her passion for business and team building.
  4. She enables others to become experts in their craft in a safe environment.
  5. She provides opportunities and jobs in an amazing industry.
  6. She shares her talents with others to better the world.
  7. She lives gracefully with no regrets.

Spa Trouvé Vision Statement

“Spa Trouvé will be the elite provider of medical spa services across the nation. We will transform the industry by offering affordable, top of the line services through our innovative membership programs. Our core values of passion, integrity, and commitment to our clients will empower us to enhance the lives of others and provide them with unsurpassed customer service experience.”

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