Women In Business: Young Living


Lauren Walker, Young Living
1538 W. Sandalwood Dr., Lehi | 801.418.8900 | youngliving.com

   Having grown up in the toughest part of Brooklyn, New York, Lauren Walker has seen her fair share of challenges. But like a rose that grows from concrete, Lauren blossoms wherever she’s planted, especially in her latest role as Chief Supply Officer at Young Living Essential Oils.

   Lauren began her rise to success at Brooklyn Technical High School where she took an interest and showed promise in engineering. She then attended Union College on a scholarship and experienced standing out from the crowd. Union was a big shift in demographics — the student body was primarily wealthy and Jewish, and Lauren was in the 1 percent minority.

   Lauren learned quickly to adapt and use her unique qualities to approach things in the same way. She made the best of her circumstances and worked to leverage differences to build relationships and bridge gaps. Her individuality fueled Lauren’s ability to see problems differently and solve them innovatively.

   Now, Lauren serves on the board of several prominent Utah companies where her fresh perspective is a valuable asset. Her experience allows her to take a holistic approach to leadership and business, and this especially shines through in the changes she’s made in Young Living’s supply chain processes.

   She advocates establishing direct relationships with Young Living’s partners and customers — the ones connected at the ground level to what the company does. She’s removed organizational silos and continues to find ways to improve efficiency.

   Lauren’s focus on customers and collaboration has had a huge impact on the company’s effectiveness, especially during COVID-19. During the current crisis, Lauren has localized kitting processes for faster shipping, sped up operating by sourcing and manufacturing locally, and improved warehouse efficiency and safety by upgrading automation and setting up dividers in warehouses to ensure physical distance between workers.

   Lauren believes that pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is the path to growth. Honing that skillset from college has helped her fight through the “fear of the unknown,” and she’s used that as a guiding principle in her role as a leader.

   “I’ve worked hard to get to where I am today and I see some of the barriers that stand in the way for other people,” Lauren says. “As a leader, I want to remove those barriers and advocate for others, so all can achieve what they are meant to, regardless of their circumstances. If we believe in them and support them, they will succeed.”


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