Women in Business: Fieldstone Homes


12896 Pony Express Rd #400, Draper | 801.233.8300 | fieldstonehomes.com

   Headquartered in Draper, FieldStone Homes builds homes up and down the Wasatch Front for its clients, but the homebuilder itself has also become home for its more than 70 employees.

  Although most of those toiling on the construction sites are men, both men and women work in the other parts of the business, and women play a key role in FieldStone’s quality work.

   “We have an environment of teamwork and trust. It’s important for women in the workplace to feel empowered, and not held back. And that’s the culture we’re creating,” says Kellie Little, Vice President of Marketing.

   From the front desk to the design studio, the women of FieldStone are committed to serving their customers and presenting solutions. Women work in accounting, operations, sales, and land management — not to mention that

Kellie’s entire marketing team is female.

   “We have a lot of women in management roles who are leading out, but you don’t have to be in management to be a leader,” Kellie says.

   The culture of valuing both the customer and the employee convinced her to join forces with FieldStone.

   “I’ve consulted with homebuilders for years, so I’ve been watching FieldStone for a while. They value their people,” Kellie says. “So when FieldStone called, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.”

   Kellie has been a part of the FieldStone workforce for just a few months, and she’s already seen its culture of caring and integrity at play.

   In preparation for a 2020 quarterly meeting, Kellie recalls owner Troy Gabler saying, “It’s important to me that our employees understand that no matter what, they can come here and have an uplifting experience. We want them to feel valued and appreciated. They can be happy here.”

   Another element that makes FieldStone a great place to call home is that they celebrate work anniversaries — and some employees have stayed long enough to have celebrated 10 or 15.

Because most home searches are started by women, it makes sense to have a team of creative women

catering to home buyers’ needs at FieldStone Homes. “Women are innovative. They think outside of the box. We need that in homebuilding,” Kellie says.


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