Twin sisters satisfy ‘cravings’ for both cupcakes and grilled cheese around the corner from each other in Pleasant Grove


Cravings Cupcakes are as delicious as they are eye-candy. The homemade cake flavors are topped with homemade buttercream icing and sprinkled to perfection. | Cravings Bistro in Pleasant Grove serves up the comfort of grilled cheese with the creativity of healthy (and sometimes surprising!) ingredients.

By Mary Crafts

In THIS issue featuring fabulous women-owned businesses, what better place to spotlight the two twin sisters who created two twin companies that have made their mark in Utah’s food world! Let me introduce the brains behind these two household names: Alisha Nuttall of Cravings Cupcakes and Angie Wilson of Cravings Bistro!

Just like the lives of two twins, their business lives have intertwined back and forth throughout the early growth years of the two food companies located in Pleasant Grove.

Angie first came up with the name of Cravings and suggested Alisha start a cupcake business as she could see the popular cupcake train coming down the track. Alisha took the idea and ran with it from her at-home business and then on to winning the Food Network Cupcake Wars and then to her own store front.

Later Alisha suggested to Angie that the next big food craze was gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and she should jump on board. Angie still wanted to use the Cravings name so dubbed her new company “Cravings Bistro.” Both companies opened up in the same retail location, but it didn’t take long for both of them to realize that just like real life sisters, they didn’t always see eye to eye.

Angie kept the Pleasant Grove location, and Alisha opened her store just around the corner.

It was a winning combination for me to stop and pick up Cravings cupcakes and drive around the corner for curbside pick-up at Cravings Bistro for grilled cheese sandwiches.

I took my food treasures back to my nearby former company of Culinary Crafts and shared them with my two sons and one son-in-law for a tasty lunch of restaurant reviewing!

We tried so many different varieties of Cravings’ grilled cheese sandwiches, but our favorites were the BLT with candied bacon (RIGHT!?), the Classic 6 Cheese grilled sandwich, and the “ABC” with Apple, Bacon, and Cheddar.

When you visit Cravings Bistro, remember to order a couple cups of their scrumptious homemade tomato soup for dipping the grilled sandwiches. A pretty far step above my Mom’s Velveeta grilled cheese and Campbell’s tomato soup! I am a big fan of this grilled cheese hot spot, but order ahead or be prepared for a little wait as they grill each one to order.

Now on to dessert. Every single one of the Cravings Cupcakes were divine – moist homemade cake flavors and homemade buttercream icing and decorated perfectly. Our favorites were the Lemon Raspberry and the Better Than Sex (of course!) cupcake. I love how Alisha has designed such beautiful gift boxes for giving something special to someone you care about.

Seriously, these are like mini desserts rather than cupcakes!

Both of the sisters said that the best part of being in business was the decision to put down roots in Pleasant Grove, which they call “the most supportive helpful community in the state.” And Culinary Crafts agrees!

Until next time, remember to eat local Utah and support local business owners who have given their all to survive the current economic situation.


Mary Crafts: Founder, Culinary Crafts. CEO, Mary Crafts Inc; podcaster, speaker and author


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