2020 Celebrity Lookalikes: Jeff Sundwall



UV: When did people first start telling you that you resemble Hermey the Elf?

In high school people started saying, “Jeff, you look just like the elf on the Rudolph movie!” and “You ARE him!” At first, I was a little embarrassed, but now I think it’s funny and I just go with it.

UV: How are you like your celebrity twin and how are you different?

Hermey sings a great song in the movie, and I love to sing. I was actually a musical theater major in college until I switched to business. In the movie, Hermey doesn’t want to make toys — he really wants to be a dentist. I, however, do not want to be a dentist at all. My dad is a doctor, but I am not interested in a medical or dental career.

UV: If you could live your lookalike’s life for a day, what would you do?

Fly around with the reindeer for sure.


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