Don’t live by Bread ‘Alone’: Let’s return to breaking bread together in 2021 with these 9 local breads


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The Art of Breaking Bread together has long been a passion of mine. It’s why you saw me traveling the world (pre-Covid!). I love basking in every culture and seeing their joy of breaking bread together.

   It’s why Culinary Crafts has long been the only catering company in the state with a full bakery operating every day to provide guests with the joys of breaking bread together. 

   It is an art that has long been forgotten as the family dining tables have been replaced with curbside pick-up and drive-thru windows.

   However, there is nothing that can replace the connecting of people like breaking bread around the table. It is my hope that with the slow return of normalcy to our isolated lives, we will once again find common ground together as we break bread at the table. 

   Here are nine of my favorite places to ignite our heritage and find joyous laughter as we break bread together again!

Strap Tank Bacon Jalapeno Cheese Bread is a great way to start a meal. It must be shared as no one can eat an entire order by themselves.

Sundance I am never satiated with their baskets of house-made breads that come to every table with every meal. LOW CARB AND GLUTEN-FREE BE DAMNED! The muesli roll is my favorite.

Harvest Restaurant at Thanksgiving Point This restaurant still brings cute little loaves of whole wheat bread to every table served unsliced on a breadboard for the true art of breaking bread together.

Oakwood Fire Kitchen This is located just across the Utah County border in Draper. Get ready for my new favorite addiction! Get the wood-fired flatbread with goat cheese and tomato Pomarola sauce.

Communal Oh yeah. They know all about communal eating with bread at Provo’s Communal. It’s a must!

Aubergine An order of Brazilian cheese bread is perfect to share and experience breaking bread in other cultures.

Cafe Namasthe  I wrote about Namasthe last issue. Located in Lehi/American Fork, this is a great place to drop in and enjoy amazing naan bread and dipping sauces.

Harvest Bread Company Stop by on Tuesday when they are making Squaw Bread. I used to make this all the time growing up in Iowa. Theirs is as good as mine … soft, aromatic and full of flavor!

Challah Back Dough Best challah in the state! Order several loaves as they are great for freezing. Find them on Instagram.

Until next time fill your life with the Art of Breaking Bread together and JOY!

Mary Crafts
CEO and Founder, Mary Crafts Inc.

Culinary Crafts Founder and Chairman of the Board
Silicon Slopes Board of Directors
Past Chairman and current member, Visit Salt Lake Board of Directors
Utah Valley University Foundation Board Member
Intermountain Health Care Board of Trustees
Zion’s Bank Advisory Board
Mary’s podcast “Crafting a Meaningful Life” can be found on ITunes, Slacker, and Stitcher


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