A Well-Crafted Life



   It all started with a hobby, something to keep her mind engaged while battling the loneliness and repetition that can sometimes accompany motherhood.

   Little did Lehi’s Kim Coffin know, her “hobby blog” would eventually lead her husband (who was working 80 hours a week) to quit two high-paying jobs in the tech sector to work for her as the company’s COO.

   “Sewing and crafting would give me a ‘win,’ which was something I really needed at the time,” Kim says.

   Wanting to have her hobby pay for itself, she looked into monetizing her blog, utilizing instructional videos still novel at the time. Her website and social media following began to grow. The Sweet Red Poppy brand became a national leader among crafters and sewers.

   Then COVID-19 hit the country hard.

   But Sweet Red Poppies grew well under COVID conditions.

   “One of the things I’ve prided myself on is trend spotting,” Kim says. “You have to see an opportunity coming and jump on it quickly.”

   For Kim, that opportunity came in the form of masks.

   She posted a free quality mask pattern online and — a million downloads later — Sweet Red Poppy was exploding.

    Besides the need for masks, COVID also brought quarantine and isolation. People around the world ordered sewing machines and Cricut products to fill their days with creativity. They also watched Kim’s tutorial videos.

   “I was getting all of these questions about how to use the machines,” she says.

   That’s when Josh chipped in with the idea of making an online course.

   Kim wrote the course in June, filmed it in July and the 13-lesson course was ready for download in August.

   With it came an interesting question.

   “Kim asked me if I would quit my job and work for her if the course brought in $100,000 in the first week of launch,” he says. “On the second day after the launch, I could see it was going to happen, so I turned in my two-weeks notice.”

   Now the couple works together in a designated studio in Lehi with Kim serving as the CEO and on-air talent. Josh is the COO, serving as “admin” to the digital world Kim created.    

   “We try to bring joy,” Kim says. “One of the things that drives me is a desire to bless the lives of women. I know what these projects did for me when I was having a hard time. I want to help others find joy, too.”


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