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Dr. Kevin C. Myers joins Utah Valley Dermatology, bringing expert service in all areas of dermatology, including cancer treatment

   When Dr. Kevin C. Myers was finishing his undergraduate studies at BYU, the Provo-native “shadowed” his older brother, Dave, who had recently opened his own dermatological practice — Utah Valley Dermatology.

   “That was my first exposure to the field,” Dr. Myers says. “That planted the seed, which continued to grow as I went through medical school and into clinical rotations.”

   He was drawn to dermatology because of its rich diversity of services including surgery, clinical medicine, cosmetics and pathology. It is also a specialty that serves the same patient throughout his or her life — from adolescent acne to adult age spots.

   “We develop a lifelong patient-physician relationship,” Dr. Myers says.

   After medical school in Texas and an internship and residency in Oregon, Dr. Myers excitedly returned to Utah Valley to join the team at Utah Valley Dermatology, which includes a chance to work with his older brother.

   “My brother, Dave, and I have always had a great relationship, whether it’s sharing our passion for all things BYU or battling it out in some yard game, we have a lot of fun,” Dr. Myers says. “So, it wasn’t difficult adjusting to the working relationship. There’s a good energy in the medical office that I think helps make for a great patient experience.”

   Dr. Myers is a problem solver who loves to help others live their best lives. So, whether its treating cancerous skin cells or clogged pores, Dr. Myers treats each patient individually, with respect and with the expertise families trust.

   In fact, Dr. Myers received extensive training in Mohs surgery, which is a specialized procedure for the removal and repair of skin cancers.

   When he’s not in the office, Dr. Myers can be found outdoors mountain bike riding or spending time with his wife and four children. If he’s looking to stay closer to home, he can often be found playing pickleball with friends and family.

   “My wife and I are both from Utah County and loved growing up in the area,” he says. “The people, family and Utah’s natural beauty always feels like home. We’re excited to move back.”


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