Wife, mother of two, boss-babe, accomplished artist and painter, Amber Eldridge’s life is filled with meaningful creation. Amber, also known as @thecoloramber, paints comfort, life lessons and relationships with each brush stroke. After becoming a mom, she turned her artistic talent into a business and has been providing the world with beautiful work ever since. Her art often accompanies Instagram posts for @churchofjesuschrist. Chances are you or someone you know has her work hanging in their living room.

Carnival Craving “Popcorn. I could literally eat it every day of my life.”

Rickety Ride “I just went through a really difficult pregnancy with many complications and scares. While running my business full time, being a mom to my 2-year old and being so worried about my baby — it really took a toll. I’m so grateful to have my new healthy baby. The scariness of this pregnancy makes me grateful for the little things.”

Top of the Ferris Wheel “One of my most popular paintings came out last March. It shows a family protected inside their colorful home while storms brew outside. It so powerful and comforting to me and to so many others during this past year.”

Theme Park “My theme park would be botanical gardens. It would be a compilation of beautiful and simple places people could gather and laugh and enjoy their time together.”

Sweet Suggestions “Find and develop your given talents.”

Grand Prize “I can’t live without good TV shows! ‘This is Us,’ ‘The Office,’ ‘Parks and Rec,’ etc.”

Gem of the Utah Valley Jamboree “Utah County is so family-friendly. We love living here! The Museum of Art at BYU is amazing. I could spend hours on end there. Their exhibitions are amazing and their woman-themed exhibitions are awesome. My daughter, Ruby, loves it.”

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