Fab40: Blake Barlow


Honey, you won’t bee-lieve everything Blake Barlow has going on. Salesman of enterprise digital marketing technology by day and professional actor by night, Blake keeps the lights (and spotlights) on. Beekeeper Blake is also co-owner of Barlow Arts Conservatory with his superwoman wife, Jenny. Although this job description is often filled with heavy lifting of dance equipment, Blake also plays Drosselmeyer in their annual production of “The Nutcracker.” Truly, Blake’s life is crescendoed by the arts. He’s a board member of the Harrington Center for the Arts in American Fork and a member of the 42.club, which is a group of Broadway investors who produced the Tony Award winning musical “Hadestown.” Blake also became an ordained minister several years ago and has performed marriages for many friends and family. The number of costume changes in Blake’s life is buzzing.

Carnival Craving “Even though I’m a vegetarian, I’m a sucker for a good corn dog (mainly at Disneyland), and funnel cake for dessert!”

Rickety Ride “My parents divorced when I was 11. At 16, my home situation changed significantly through no fault of my own. As a result, I stopped living with either parent and bounced around a bit. I look back on that time and, while it pales in comparison to others’ situations and stories, it was extremely chaotic and stressful for me. There were many times I could have chosen self-destructive coping options, but I had so much love and support from friends and family.”

Clowning Around “When I was young, I watched my dad help my brother build a beehive and frames in our garage for his beekeeping merit badge. Keeping bees has fascinated me ever since. Now I’m a beekeeper and we bottle our own honey. My wife had a logo designed for me for Father’s Day — Blakey Bear Honey.”

Top of the Ferris Wheel “I loved our family vacation to Capri — sitting on the veranda, eating fresh hand-made pasta, and watching the sun set. If it sounds like a movie, it’s because it felt too good to be true.”


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