Three is company. And harmony.

Bradley Quinn Lever is a member of the popular trio Gentri, which has performed with Kristin Chenoweth, Alfie Boe, Lexi Walker and many more. Bradley has the voice of an angel and a soul to match. Gentri, short for Gentleman Trio, is comprised of Bradley, Casey Elliot and Brad Robbins. These three dapper dressers bring the house down at their annual Christmas concerts. While the trio has covered some of the world’s most familiar songs, they also have their own original music. Gentri is popular on YouTube and IRL (as the kids say). You can also see them “In Real Life” in “Les Miserables” at the Hale Centre Theatre in Sandy. Fab fact! The three met doing Les Miserables together seven years ago. Talk about three masters of the house!

Top of the Ferris Wheel “Having the opportunity to share messages of hope and inspiration through music for millions of people with my Gentri brothers has definitely been a peak experience for me so far.”

Rickety Ride “I’m sort of afraid of heights, but playing Tarzan in Disney’s Tarzan at the West Valley Hale Centre Theatre helped me conquer some of those fears.”

On Stilts “Matthew McConaughey once said that our future self 10 years down the road from now is who we should look up to the most. I agree with that advice. I hope to become that person, that example and who I look up to. I think he’s going to be a great guy and a greatly improved man. The best part about that advice is that you’ll just keep getting better and better if you keep looking toward the future and focusing on how you can improve.”

Sweet Suggestions “Hard work pays off. I’ve learned that nothing truly worthwhile is given as a hand out. Success in any department of life requires the humility to learn and improve.”

Grand Prize “Water, can’t live without it. It’s also great for the voice!”

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