What do you get when you combine an old-fashioned Provo diner, classic hamburger, and homemade strawberry shakes? Ripples! If you consider yourself a Provo local, you can prove it by being a fan of the drive-in diner established in 1955 by the Ripples family. Earlier this year, the community grieved the loss of long-time owner, Todd Ripple, who put his heart and soul into the establishment. From the homemade pink sauce to continuing the use of a metal press, Todd truly believed in keeping his burger joint classic and homemade. Brodee Ripple, Todd’s son, is representing the family legacy as part of Utah Valley Magazine’s 2021 edition of Fab 40.

Rickety Ride “Losing my dad has challenged the whole family because he was the cornerstone. We are realizing how much we relied on him for everything.”

Merry-Go-Round Moment “We took a big family trip to Yellowstone with my dad. This was the first time my mom and dad closed the drive-in and went on a trip together. They usually would take trips in turn to keep Ripples open.”

Sweet Suggestions “My dad was very adamant about not procrastinating. He always did what he had to do, so that he could do what he enjoyed later.”

Gem of the Utah Valley Jamboree “Fishing. Todd and I used to go fishing quite a bit at Deer Creek, Utah Lake and Strawberry Reservoir. We also loved camping — basically my dad loved to do anything outdoorsy.”

Clowning Around “Our family plays a lot of board games and just laughs! And of course, we get together for a barbecue with classic burgers from the diner.”

Kettle Korn Quirk “My dad was so old-fashioned! He never took credit cards. He was so set in his ways, but it worked out for him and the business.”

Firework Finish “I hope my mom and all of my siblings can feel our dad’s presence and be surrounded by love and support.”

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