Clayton Mueller’s photography is fierce, authentic and one-of-a-kind — an accurate reflection of himself. He was born to be behind the lens AND in front of it, being featured in a Southern France Female Empowerment art exhibit, ranking in the top five of Good Morning America’s 2013 ‘Roar with Katy Perry’ contest, and recently shooting a Diversity and Inclusion exhibit for UVU. While he didn’t win Good Morning America’s contest, his work showcasing high school spirit (which put a cheerleader with Down Syndrome in the spotlight) impressed Katy Perry and she chose Clayton to accompany her down the red carpet (where he said “hi” to Taylor Swift during his interviews). With each of his productions — video or photo — Clayton showcases authentic stories and builds a stronger foundation for minorities.

Carnival Craving “Funnel cake is my go- to with whipped cream and fresh fruit.”

Rickety Ride “Being a gay man in Utah County is difficult, and dating makes it even worse. Not being afraid to be my authentic self was a big barrier to overcome, but once I did it, my life became a lot better.”

Theme Park “My theme park would be ‘Clown Land’ because I am a clown! It’s fun to laugh at yourself. Like a rollercoaster, it’s good to experience both life’s ups and downs and to be light-hearted when facing your downs.”

Grand Prize “I can’t live without music. Especially through 2020, music helped shape my experiences and process my emotions.”

Sweet Suggestions “Be yourself. Authenticity is how to be happy in life.”

Kettle Korn Quirk “I sing all the time, literally. Just ask anyone in my classes.”

Firework Finish “In the future, I hope to be on the cover of Vogue — either as the photographer behind the cover photo or by being center stage myself. I want to be successful as a performer and have an established brand.”

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