Dr. Stephen Minton knew he wanted to be a doctor from the time he was a boy — his only question revolved around choosing a specialty! In the end, he decided upon neonatology, a relatively new profession at the time that involved every part of medicine including surgery, gynecology and more. In 1979, Dr. Minton opened the first non-university newborn ICU in the United States, which is currently attached to Provo’s Intermountain Healthcare. While the clinic has grown immensely, Dr. Minton remembers the first six-plus years that required full, 24-hour shifts, as he was the only working physician. During his 41 years in Utah Valley, Dr. Minton has cared for 38,000 babies and loves to see his patients and their families progress. When he isn’t taking care of premature babies, Dr. Minton mentors others as the Director of Life Flight and the Director of Neonatal Telehealth. 

Rickety Ride “When I first started my job, it was difficult coping with the fact that I was losing close to three babies per day. I learned that my goal wasn’t to help every baby survive, it was to give every baby the best care and best opportunity to succeed.”

Merry-Go-Round Moment “Being on the Hansen Siamese twins case and the Gardner quadruplets case. There was national and local interest in their stories, and I loved being part of the team where we created a plan determining what their best chance of survival would be. I like to be innovative and creative.”

On Stilts “I look up to my wife and kids because without their support, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do.”

Sweet Suggestions “Dream. Do what it takes to achieve your dream. Look at barriers as opportunities. The world is waiting for innovators.”

Grand Prize “McDonald’s Coke in the morning.”

Firework Finish “I just applied for two additional jobs. In five years, I see myself working like I am now.”

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