Fab40: Elcio Zanatta


Elcio Zanatta and his wife, Mirian, tag-team life as a married couple, as well as business partners. The owners of Aubergine & Company are committed to improving their clients’ health and energy through better eating. Aubergine is serving up goodness in Orem, Lehi, Sugarhouse, Riverton and American Fork. Elcio and Mirian have international ties to both Brazil and Lebanon, which explains why their mission statement revolves around serving international cuisine that will help you “eat better, feel different.” From their gluten-free tri-tip steak bowl to their fruity Brazilian acai bowl, this power couple serves power foods that will have your body thanking you after every tasty bite.

Carnival Craving “When I was a kid I loved popcorn with hot sauce!!”

Rickety Ride “It was difficult to learn a second language and move to a different country. I am so grateful to my wife, Mirian, and this journey we have been on together. Learning English and also the language of business together has strengthened our relationship.”

Top of the Ferris Wheel “The Covid-19 situation was a peak experience for me. With so many challenges, it was a blessed year for me and my family. We learned, grew and became more grateful.”

On Stilts “I look up to God because He is the source of power and joy! Dr. Stephen R. Covey has inspired me tremendously, too.”

Grand Prize “Peace of conscience.”

Sweet Suggestion “Be aware that you are not in control. We just control our choices.”

Gem of the Utah Valley Jamboree “I love the four seasons in Utah. I like to admire the beautiful mountains and to interact with the special people who live here.”

Clowning Around “I like to spend time with my family, travel, read and watch uplifting movies.”


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