If there’s a speaker with a busier calendar than Ganel-Lyn Condie, they deserve a funnel cake (her favorite carnival treat). With hundreds of engagements each year, Ganel-Lyn addresses her unusual name with humor and then gets to the hard stuff: Mental health, suicide, financial stress and infertility. With seven books and counting, this mother of two miracle children also shares her message on TV and radio platforms throughout Utah. She hosts two popular shows of her own — “Real Talk: Come Follow Me” and “The Middle.” Perhaps one of Ganel-Lyn’s book titles describes her best: “You Are Magnificent.” 

Top of the Ferris Wheel “I love hearing from readers and viewers about something I have shared or written and how it has helped them navigate mental health, faith, relationships and hope.”

Rickety Ride “Lupus, infertility, unemployment and the suicide of my sister.”

On Stilts “I look up to the everyday person — The mom raising a special needs child. A husband caring for his wife with Alzheimer’s. The teen fighting depression. The ex-drug user in recovery.”

Grand Prize “Prayer and regular massages.”

Theme Park “My personal theme park would always have Christmas music playing, with free books and Diet Cokes.”

Gem of the Utah Valley Jamboree “I love Lehi Roundup Days — to sit at the rodeo on a summer night and see people from the community and enjoy connection. I also love the Lehi Post Office! The workers are the best.”

Kettle Korn Quirk “I get annoyed by chewing sounds. We usually have to have music playing in the house, so I can stay calm during family meals.”

Sweet Suggestions “Play the long game. Hope is in Plan B. After 30 years of marriage and 50 years of life, I see all things work for our good. God is working out our miracles.”

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