Karalynne Call is always “on call” as the guru of natural healthy foods, beauty products and cleaning supplies. As a certified nutritionist and mental health advocate, Karalynne has been bringing her expertise to customers and clients for 28 years. In 2018, she went public with her knowledge and started an Instagram page called Just Ingredients. She features “swaps” that can be made in the kitchen, as well as promoting natural products that have evidence-based health solutions. What followed was a huge following. Within a short two years of publishing Just Ingredients, Karalynne attracted 400,000 followers. She was recently named as one of 2020’s Top 100 Health and Wellness Influencers by the New Hope Network and is among the Top 150 Health Instagram Influencers Most Followed by Feedspot.

Rickety Ride “Fifteen years ago I battled severe suicidal depression. It took two years of searching to find a doctor who could help me heal from depression, not just treat it. After years on this health journey, I am now a nutritionist and mental health advocate trying to help those going through similar challenges.”

Merry-Go-Round Moment “I only had four days within a four-year period where all six of my kids were together because of them serving LDS missions.”

Top of the Ferris Wheel “Launching my own products has been a peak experience! I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. When ‘Just Ingredients’ launched in 2019 with my products, I felt like so many of my dreams came true!”

Grand Prize “My Blendtec. I make smoothies packed with nutrients just about every morning and I couldn’t go a day without my blender!”

Gem of the Utah Valley JamboreeThroughout our 12 years in Utah County, I have enjoyed the sports programs in the community. I love being that mom who cheers loudly on the sideline.”

Clowning Around “I love to ski on the snow or the water.”

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