The year 2020 put us more than six feet away from new experiences, weekly date nights and ease of supporting local vendors. That is, until Lacey Paige stepped up to the dessert plate. Lacey and her co-partner, Kristy Stoner, started Utah Taste Off parties in 2019, and then they pivoted a year later when Covid hit. Instead of hosting events, the Utah Taste Off team presented unique take-home kits filled with both sweet and savory munchies to Utah Valley residents. Locals would, in turn, pick a favorite and declare a winner of the box. The result? A classic win-win. Not only was it the perfect way to support local businesses, but it also provided a fun, safe night for families, couples and friends, which Lacey says, “cultivates support within the community.” When the Covid craziness calms down, Lacey says her business will continue to provide take-home kits but hopes to bring back the in-person parties for fellow extroverts.

On Stilts “I look up to my mom because she had a really rough childhood. My grandma had Polio and an iron lung for 22 years, so she didn’t have a mom who was physically helpful, and then her dad passed away at 55. She never complained about how hard that was for her. I didn’t realize how amazing that was until I became a mom myself.”

Sweet Suggestions “Live in the moment! Don’t let past or future thoughts weigh you down. The sooner you can not worry about what people are thinking you will have a lot more joy and be able to find happiness in the moment.”

Grand Prize “I can’t live without Nivea face cream. I have worn it for 25 years religiously because my mother, who is 74, looks like she’s 50.”

Gem of the Utah Valley Jamboree “When I went to BYU, downtown Provo was rundown with nothing going on. Now, there are so many delicious food spots, bakeries and things to eat.”

Clowning Around “I love CrossFit. I’m a certified CrossFit trainer, and I’m addicted to it.”

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