Fab40: McCall Weekes


   McCall Weekes puts her time where her heart is. As a mother of two — who both arrived through successful fertility treatments — McCall is filled with empathy and compassion toward couples who are having a hard time getting pregnant. She puts this passion to work as she fundraises for Hope for Fertility. This foundation raises money and offers grants to couples struggling with infertility across the United States. To date, 31 grants have been awarded and there have been 16 births/adoptions — with four babies on their way! Unfortunately, fertility treatments are not cheap. (Note: McCall brought $$$ as one of her props to emphasize the price tag.) McCall has raised funds for the foundation through teaching exercise classes, which combines her passion for fitness with her passion for helping change the lives of hopeful parents-to-be.

Rickety-Ride “Starting our family was not as simple as we had hoped. We were ready to be parents, and the emotional and financial stress of pursuing fertility procedures was equally difficult and rewarding. We now have two sweet little boys. This is why I got involved with The Hope for Fertility Foundation — to help ease the financial burden of fertility costs for would-be parents who are navigating so much at once.”

Carnival Craving “Easy. CHURROS!”

Merry-Go-Round Moment “Cheesy and a little crazy but giving birth to my two sons are the moments I would want to relive. Bringing those little spirits straight from heaven is beyond magical!”

Cotton Candy Conversations “I always say, ‘Good for me and good for you.’  Be happy for your successes and be happy for the successes of other people.”

Clowning Around “Anything outdoors! Skiing, mountain biking, boating — depends on the season. That’s why Utah is so great. We can go mountain biking through beautiful fall leaves, skiing the greatest snow on earth, boating in lakes and reservoirs, and trail running through the newly budded trees in spring.”


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