While quarantining, Sasha Sloan started Archive Sunday, a thrift shop for avid fans of fantasy books and movies, just like herself. Sasha drained the $300 in her bank account to curate a set of vintage Star Wars T-shirts, which she bleached by hand, built a website and quietly listed her merchandise at 3 a.m. After waking up to a sold-out shop, Sasha developed more products, documented the making on TikTok, and soon found her used-to-be side hustle had turned into an international operation that exceeded $100,000 in the first 100 days of business. Sasha is also the mastermind behind “The Noble House of Black” mini-series, which has been viewed 40 million+ times across platforms. The stars aligned again for Sasha as she earned the title of Miss Greater Salt Lake and will be competing in Miss Utah.

Merry-Go-Round Moment “While working at Disney World in 2016 (I was ‘friends’ with Cinderella) a cast member offered to let me hold the Kylo Ren lightsaber and taught me the Jedi fight sequence. That was the exact moment I fell in love with Star Wars and was one of the happiest memories of my life.”

Top of the Ferris Wheel “I stayed up late the night I passed 1 million followers on TikTok to see the numbers flip. The feeling was absolute joy and satisfaction as I watched the months and years of work on my photography and videography manifest in a tangible, quantifiable way.”

On Stilts “My personal hero is Malala, a Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest Nobel Prize laureate in history. I work extensively within the field of educating and empowering young women, particularly refugees, and I have always been tremendously inspired by Malala.”

Firework Finish “In five years, I hope to see myself running my company, traveling the world with my family and creating art. My dream is to be a New York Times best-selling fantasy author.”

Sweet Suggestions “If you want it, work for it.”

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