Fab40: Scout Smith


While many might think you have to live in New York or LA to make acting a full-time gig, that’s not the case for the fabulous Scout Smith. Her love for the arts began on the stage where she has starred in countless roles at Hale Center Theater both in Orem and in Sandy. In addition to billboards and commercials, Scout has also played roles in TV shows including “Yellowstone” and “High School Musical: The Musical the Series,” as well as many films. (Watch for her in “Joe Bell,” starring Mark Wahlberg). Scout is hosting the second season of “Hello Sunday” on BYUtv. Tune in every Sunday morning or stream it anytime on the BYUtv app. Sidenote: You may also see her face in the marketing  campaign for Utah Community Credit Union.

Carnival Craving “Cotton Candy. Please give me all the cotton candy flavored everything, all year round.”

Rickety Ride “Being a single mom while maintaining my career and pursuing my dream is a juggling act that can be overwhelming at times. With the full support of my family, I have been able to do both. And I can’t tell you what that means to me.”

Theme Park “A theme park for me would HAVE to be Scout-themed. Girl Scout cookie booths everywhere. Merit badges to be earned at every corner. Instead of rides, it would be just a super exciting hike. And uniforms would be encouraged.”

Clowning Around “I love to ride scooters, attend therapy, have dance parties, color pages and thrift shop.”

Kettle Korn Quirk “I cannot eat with metal utensils. It’s chopsticks and plastic IKEA children’s forks at my house.”

On Stilts “I look up to my parents. They have a beautiful, pretty much perfect relationship, and I learn so much from their love and examples.”

Sweet Suggestions “Learn everyone’s name and be kind to everybody.”


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