If it were up to Shauna Brown, this page would be published in an unknown language to help us experience the frustration of illiteracy. As the executive director of Project Read, Shauna has seen how difficult it can be for adults who can’t read but live in a world full of letters, numbers and characters. Shauna has worked with illiterate adults for 20 years and continues to be amazed by how literacy empowers individuals, strengthens families and builds communities. When she is not teaching others to read, she is at home with her six children and a varying number of foster children. (She’s fostered 17 so far!) Shauna loves to be part of children’s lives and is amazed by how resilient and good-natured kids can be — even in difficult circumstances.

Carnival Craving “Funnel cakes. That fried crispiness with the choice of toppings depending on my mood — delish!”

Top of the Ferris Wheel “I love to travel and experience different cultures, meet new people and learn how our lives are different, but more importantly how we are the same. So far, I have been to 48 states and 22 foreign countries. My husband and I took our children on an RV trip to 35 states in 39 days.”

Theme Park “I would love to have a theme park where people experience what it’s like to be an adult who cannot read or as a foster child taken from their parents (who they love!). I don’t how it would work, and I’m sure it would not be the most popular theme park ever, but I hope it would foster compassion.”

On Stilts “Elie Wiesel and Rosa Parks. I met them both at the American Academy of Achievement in 1996, and I was so inspired to not just do good but to be good and to be a voice for those who could not speak for themselves.”

Sweet Suggestions “Be kind. Always remind people of their worth.”

Kettle Korn Quirk “I don’t like Jell-O marshmallows. My mom brings Jell-O for my kids when she comes for dinner — she’s sure they’re deprived.”

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