Rachel Munoa Brockbank is more famously known as Tishmal (which is her Native American name that means Hummingbird in the Luiseño language). Tishmal is a model (did you see her on the Utah Valley Bride Magazine cover in 2019?), a songwriter and a singer who began her rise to stardom in Provo. While you may have seen her on your favorite boutique ads, such as Tommy Hilfiger and Albion Fit, you may not know that her original electronic pop songs are taking listeners by rhythmic storm. (Side note: Check out page 43 to learn more about her next local concert!) Rachel believes “in the magic of living each day” and uses that message to drive her creative process and push her in front of fans — even when she is having stage fright.

Rickety Ride “I struggled as a child and teen with understanding my emotions and anxiety. This manifested in a lot of different ways that weren’t healthy or helpful, including an eating disorder. Thankfully, I had therapy and supportive loved ones to help me heal and grow. Creating music is a large part of my self-acceptance and healing process.”

Merry-Go-Round Moment “My happiest moment happens for me nearly every day. I love the hour before the sun sets — when everything turns golden, the shadows are soft, and the dust specks in the air start to glimmer.”

Theme Park “My personal theme park would be nestled between the mountains and the ocean with lots of rollercoasters. It would have signs that read ‘you must be this kind to get on this ride’ and that would include being kind to oneself.

Gem of the Utah Valley Jamboree “Going to Velour Live Music Gallery in Provo, eating at Mozz Pizza (get the white pizza), and hiking in the mountains in spring and summer. To me, the music, the food and the nature are all Utah Valley winners.”

Kettle Korn Quirk “I am a major night owl and could easily stay up until 3 a.m. every night. But that instinct doesn’t pair well with the real world, so I play word games and riddles to fall asleep. Works like a charm.”

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