4 Home Design Trends for 2021



With 2021 comes a desire to take a fresh look at home space designs. Jalin Anderson, owner and lead home plan designer with Creations West, shares some of his favorite freshness for the new year.

Clean, bold exteriors with warm accents

   Jalin is seeing exterior warming trends in the forecast, with accents of warm natural wood colors. Homeowners are still drawn to the white modern farmhouse, but are adding beams, timbers and other wood elements to combat cool vibes.

   “We’re also seeing browns, blues, yellows and other splashes of color to cabinets or sections in the kitchen,” Jalin says. “This is pushing out the white-on-white that has dominated for so long.”

Japanese-style wet rooms

   “I lived and worked in Japan and loved their take on a bathing room — basically our modern version of the wet room,” Jalin says.

   In the Japanese-style wet room, the tub and shower share the same tiled space leaving you with an open, beautiful area that is light and airy.

Smaller lots with two-story homes

   With less land and higher lot prices in Utah Valley, two-story layouts are moving the living space upstairs.

   “As we move to small, five-foot setbacks, the need to ‘go up’ for  families has returned.”

   Also, not as many available lots allow for basements, so building “up” instead of “out” offers more living space for families.

A place for guests

   As Utah and its cities and counties continue a push to adopt the ADA (accessory dwelling unit), to supplement the housing shortage, homes today need an extra room on the main floor for guests, families with kids in between and older family members.

   “Getting at least one extra room on the main floor gets you a flex space that can be used for a bedroom or an office, media or flexible space,” Jalin says. “We usually include a full bath for the guest or for when grandma or recently married kids need a place to hang.”


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