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‘Love where you live’ with quality style from Four Chairs Furniture + Design

   “Love where you live” are words we literally live by at Four Chairs Furniture + Design. A home should be a balance between aesthetic and lifestyle, and we make it our priority to achieve that goal for each client.

   To create that balance, we blend elements of different styles to create an eclectic space tailored to each individual.

   We offer design services for big, small and mid-sized projects. From ground-up new builds to freshening up a room with accessories, we’ll make sure your home is just what you dreamed of.

   We specialize in incorporating natural elements and organic design to connect the outside world to your personal sanctuary.

   Visit our showroom and browse a wide array of furnishings and styles. The constantly changing showroom is like walking through a real-life Pinterest board and is a great place to find inspiration.

   Our goal is to create something so beautiful and functional that it actually changes our clients’ day for the better. We tailor packages to your exact needs and we let the finished product speak for itself!

Trending Now

• Natural elements!

• 2021 is moving us toward revising our own personal interiors. Natural materials such as stone, gold, concrete and marble are being used. Timeless and classic is the buzz in all design. Let us help you update your space!


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