How many of these map-worthy icons have you seen?

Roots of Knowledge

   Utah Valley University houses this permanent stained glass display in the west-facing wall of the university library. Highland’s Tom Holdman, who is the world’s foremost stained glass artist, spent more than a decade creating this jaw-dropping, colorful phenomenon. The recipe for this masterpiece included stained glass, torches, embedded artifacts and $4.5 million. The glass panels are 10 feet tall and stretch 200 feet long, telling a detailed history of the world.

Evermore Immersive Park

It’s been described as Gardner Village meets Harry Potter World meets Europe. Pleasant Grove’s Evermore is an immersive experience with architecture and characters from make-believe worlds where adventures and quests await. New this year! Vanders Keep, a sit-down restaurant, is a full-service restaurant for park-goers and the general public.

Himalayan Salt Cave

   Pleasant Grove has a conduit straight to India. Purify Wellness Center offers yoga, energy mapping, therapy and massage — but the Himalayan Salt Cave is the star of the show. Salt caves have been used for centuries for healing and overall wellness. This peaceful cave has a salt floor, walls, and surround-sound of peace.

Flowrider at Provo Beach

   Utah gets all four seasons, and we love her for it. But there’s one place where it’s summer year-round. Provo Beach pumps 30,000 gallons a minute through this surftastic Flowrider.  Beginners and world-class surfers alike head to this Shops at Riverwoods hot spot to catch a wave.

Original Carl Bloch

   The most famous paintings of Jesus Christ are by Danish painter Carl Bloch, who created multiple masterpieces in the 1800s. BYU’s Museum of Art acquired the original oil canvas of “Christ Healing the Sick in the Pool of Bethesda” in 2001, the day before September 11. This 101×126 inch jaw-dropper is permanently displayed at the MOA. (No ticket required to view this must-see painting.)

The Waterfall at Thanksgiving Point

   Thanksgiving Point anchors our county on the north end with adventures and wonder. The largest man-made waterfall in the Western Hemisphere is just one reason to head to the Point. The marvel is tucked in the Gardens at Thanksgiving Point, surrounded by tulips, grand lawns, and 50 acres of gardens. The waterfall will be showing off this spring during The Tulip Festival.

Top of Timp

   Utah Valley is lined on the east with majestic mountaintops — but none as famous as Timpanogos. On the very tippy top of Timp, hikers arrive at a white metal shack covered in signatures and spray paint. Once you’ve hiked to it, you’ll spend the rest of your life looking up from the valley to catch a glimmer.

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