To Do list: Dry cleaning, Joe’s Thing, produce ‘Bernie Mittens’



   Before Bernie made wool mittens popular in his iconic, meme-tastic photo taken at the presidential inauguration, Pleasant Grove’s Love Woolies had been warming hands for more than 11 years.

   “This company started in 2008 because my sister was given a pair of sweater mittens made by a friend,” says Love Woolies owner Marcella Hill. “My parents loved the mittens and made hundreds. For five years, they sold mittens at gift shows and farmers markets.”

   Marcella took over Love Woolies six years ago from her parents. She transitioned the company onto social media and e-commerce platforms. Her updated and lovely (and wooly!) website launched before the pandemic. *Insert sigh of relief here*

    When Covid hit, Love Woolies didn’t step aside and crank up the Netflix. Instead, they wanted to be part of the solution.

   “My team volunteered to make masks,” Marcella says. “Thanks to their efforts, we were one of the first companies to have masks available during the world-wide shortage. We offered to give a mask for every mask purchased. This simple act catapulted our business from 10K one month to more than $134K the next.”

   And then came Bernie. The meme-able photo that united our country also brought back Love Woolies’ original product to the forefront.

   “We have been making sweater mittens for 11 years, and our customers instantly started posting that they owned ‘Bernie Mittens’ before they were famous, and they shared with their followers where to buy their own,” Marcella says.  “I immediately implemented a strategy to have our Facebook ads show up where people were reading about Bernie and his mittens at the inauguration. Within 10 days, we sold more mittens than we had in the entire year in 2020.”

   The mission of Love Woolies is to remind everyone to create joy from the flaws.

   “We create products out of damaged sweaters, and we hope all our products serve as a reminder that there is joy to be had even when things seem pretty messed up,” Marcella says. “We can choose to create joy from the flaws and imperfections of our lives.”


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