Top Realty Pros: Ned Chidester



Ned Chidester has been helping families achieve their real estate goals for 23 years and wakes up each day excited for the chance to make dreams come true.

   And it’s not just a one-time dream he’s focused on. He knows dreams — and goals — change. He works to be the real estate professional helping with all stages of life.

   “I believe in working toward a relationship that continues long after we close,” Ned says. “We don’t want to service someone just once. We want to create a client for life.  By focusing on relationships that have taken shape over the past 20 plus years, my team and I ensure our clients know we’re ready to serve them.”

   Ned has sold more than $300 million worth of homes and 2,500 properties in his career, which means thousands of people have benefited from his dedication, knowledge and work ethic.

   “For most people, a home is their biggest investment,” Ned says. “The expertise and knowledge that a professional Realtor brings to the process can save the client both time and money and could be the difference in securing a desired property or negotiating the highest price for a seller.”

   Ned is a trusted Realtor dedicated to the needs of his clients and representing the best in the industry. And his clients appreciate his experience that allows him to skillfully maneuver through even the most difficult transactions.

   “I maintain a close connection with current market conditions and by utilizing my professional network, I am able to negotiate and manage a smooth transaction,” he says. “Over the years I have created systems and processes designed to handle most anything that may come up during the process.”

  Recently, Ned has been part of the redevelopment of downtown Provo, which includes a high-end townhome development. 

   “I am excited to be part of this project,” Ned says. “The 250 I Street project provides high-end urban living within minutes of BYU campus, Provo Canyon and many other Central Utah County destinations.”


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